Just updated this website from Joomla 1.7.1 to 2.5.7

First I made a backup using the excellent Akeeba Backup

As I get an error when I try to use the package manager of

The PHP allow_url_fopen setting is disabled. This setting must be enabled for the updater to work.

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You will have noticed that we have changed the look of our website again, only in a small way be we decided to go for a lighter cleaner look. Thought that the dark grey look was looking a bit to drab and fussy. Hopefully this lighter look makes it all fresher looking and a bit more friendly.

Just completed some small updates to some of our customers.

First the Moorcock Inn has new menus available for evenings, a new Tapas Menu which looks great. They are also taking bookings for New Years Eve and Christmas menus.

Also Dales View Bed and Breakfast in Hawes have had a revamp of their images and have new rates for next Year.

We have also been advising an architecture company in Rochdale about websites, giving advice on the use of Wordpress etc. They are now doing the site themselves take a look at HMR-Architects.


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